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West End Hair provides Hair Loss solutions for many causes including Alopecia Areata, Female Pattern Baldness, Thinning Hair with various Hair Loss Treatments in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth & Australia Wide.

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Hair loss, baldness and split ends are some of the most common problems faced by many women. To hide that flaw or to change their look, many of them choose clip in human hair extensions. It was at the age of 18, I started wearing hair extensions. However nowadays, you can avail the benefits of several hair styling treatments to create bouncy and attractive hair.

Hair volumising is gaining world wide popularity as it can be applied easily. If you are worried about hair loss conditions, then you can regain your beauty by using volumising techniques, permanent hair straightening and matching hair wigs.

With the advance of technology in fashion and the cosmetic industry, various advanced beauty techniques were discovered. Innovative methods in volumising and adding length to the back and side sections of the head were some of the troubleshooting methods put forward to the clients during their hair loss treatments in Melbourne & Australia Wide.

However, customers didnít attain satisfaction through these methods. They had new problems like fine fringes, high hairlines, partings with a lot of scalp showing through, flat crowns and the list continues. Since all the above listed problems were found on the top area of head, hair treatments failed to hide these flaws.
I have been working hard to develop different styles that can combat these hair problems that many people suffer from through a continuous effort over the past five years, I was successful in designing nine techniques that offer amazing results. Iím overjoyed because my clients are completely satisfied with the new designs and it gives them their desired look. Let me share the secret of my solution used in fighting hair loss in women. Genuine 100% Russian or South American hair custom coloured and cut to suit the clients requirements. Using custom coloured and cut hair from across the globe adds striking perfection and natural elegance to your hair.

I have a great love for my fine hair, attractive hairline and high forehead. Even though I wonít achieve a full scoop fringe, my hair appears to be charming and strong. I myself donít have high hair loss problems but I have lost hair and its integrity is weakening more with age.

At our salon, you can find a diverse range of designs, styles and colours for your hair. Why are you waiting then? Get your dream hair style as soon as possible!

In our salon we have our popular designs and colours ready to go. No need to wait.

So don't delay any longer, have the hair you want NOW.

New!!! Care for your hair while asleep

West End Hair is offering 100% pure silk pillow cases in white.
Care for you hair whilst you are asleep.
Available for $20
Hairdressing Melbourne
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Step 1: Send Olga a daylight picture of your hair. (Showing the areas you wish to change. A daylight photo will aid us in colour and texture matching your hair). Send Photos Here

Step 2: We can then send you a quote based on the best option suitable to your hair type, texture and the areas of hair loss we need to target or change. Note: Let me know if you intend to change your hair colour or if you have a preferred colour or style you wish to have.

Step 3: Book yourself in for a free consultation by

PHONE on 9510 6437 or email westendhair@gmail.com

TEXT MESSAGE Olga 0433 480 181 (text only please, I will call you back) OR


Consultations will take half an hour to one hour.

Note: If you feel embarrassed or sensitive about your hair loss let us know, we can make your consultation in a private area. If it helps 99% of our clients are adding hair to their hair.

From start to finish, some of our custom made volumisers will take approximately six to eight weeks. We design our volumisers here at West End Hair. They are all hand-made and can be worn for 5 weeks using our re tighten method or can be worn as a clip in.


Don't hesitate to call me with your thoughts, I will be pleased to assist you with getting your hair back.

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Hairdressing Salon Melbourne

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions and Crown Volumiser done by
Olga West End Hair
Model Scene Agency

Some models have fragile hair due to styling and back combing for photo shoots. To eliminate damage and create a sexy look we have used our south American crown volumiser and south American hair extensions. The transformation without the damage.

For Hair Extensions and a range of
Crown Volumisers go to West End Hair

Price List

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1/2 PRICE TUESDAYS Hair extensions from 3 till 6pm includes hair and application. Models required. Book to avoid disappointment (Must be first time client)

For any enquiries for hair extensions, hair loss or top volumisers please contact Olga via SMS on +61 433 480 181 and send through pictures if you are interested in booking.

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A whole selection of different colours and styles to choose from.

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Need someone to talk to?

Loosing hair can be traumatic. If you need to talk to someone to help you through I can recommend Sebastina Biondo, she is a clinical psychologist who offers a Counselling Service for Individuals with all types of hair loss conditions.

Located at the skin and cancer Foundation in Carlton. If you need to talk to someone please call
Sebastina Biondo on 0419 398 389

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